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Weighing fish, game, or fruits and vegatables then Chatillon offers mechanical or digital hanging scales to meet your weighing needs. Several models like the 0723TG and 0724 conform to NIST Handbook 44 Class III making them ideal for roadside farm stands when you need a mechanical dial scale. Chatillon also offers dynamometers and crane scales and the WT and TD5 series are our most popular hoist scales. Since 1835 Chatillon has manufactured some of the finest quality scales in the industry.

This site is owned and operated by Precision Weighing Balances and is not sponsored or affiliated with Chatillon. For questions regarding Chatillon Test & Calibration Instruments please call 727-536-7831 or 800-527-9999. Warranty and parts related issues for Chatillon Scales can be answered by calling Chatillon directly at 718-847-5000.
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Chatillon 0723TG Legal for Trade
Chatillon 0723TG Legal for Trade
Capacity: 20lb
Readability: 0.5oz

  • Legal For Trade
  • NTEP Class III

  • Pounds
  • Ounces
The Chatillon Model 0723TG (20lb x oz with CG Scoop) is our most popular seller.  The MSRP is $304.00 but our deep discount price is $250.00!  The CG Scoop is extremely convenient allowing you to pour the goods into a paper bag effortlessly.  Perfect for farmer's market weighing fruits and vegetables or lumber and hardware stores for weighing nails and more. [Read More ....]
Chatillon IN50 Hunters Scale
Chatillon IN50 Hunters Scale
Capacity: 50lb
Readability: 8oz


  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
Chatillon IN50 instrument scales are mechanical hanging scales used by fishermen or hunters for weighing fish or game they catch.  IN-50 hunting scales have a maximum capacity of 50 pounds and increment 8 ounces.  We recommend this freshwater fishing/hunting scale to anglers and hunters of game including haddock, stripers, salmon, or turkey.

IN Series mechanical hanging scales have been purchased by people that want to take the scale hiking with them.  People have ret [Read More ....]
Chatillon K4270H Mechanical Scale
Chatillon K4270H Mechanical Scale
Capacity: 30kg
Readability: 50g


  • Grams
  • KiloGrams
Century metric version commercial hanging scale model K4270H features 30 kg capacity with 50 gram graduations.  9-inch clockwise-reading dial with bottom hook only  This model is NOT legal for trade. [Read More ....]
Chatillon TD5-20000 Dynamometers
Chatillon TD5-20000 Dynamometers
Capacity: 20000lb
Readability: 200lb


  • Pounds
CHATILLON TD5 Series mechanical dynamometer may be used as a weighing tensiometer or crane scale.  This precision weighing instrument features an easy-to-read 5-inch (127 mm) dial face with shatter-resistant dial cover in a strong aluminum housing.  Available with pound dial face, the TD5 Series accuracy is better than 1% of full scale.  A manually engaged clutch freezes the pointer at its maximum reading for exact reading of peak weight.  Needle bearings in shackles p [Read More ....]
Chatillon Scale Model 0624HDD
Chatillon Scale Model 0624HDD
Capacity: 30lb
Readability: 0.5oz

  • Legal For Trade

  • Pounds
  • Ounces
CENTURY 0624HDD, 30lb x 1/2oz, Commercial Hanging Scale. 9-inch double dial with bottom hook.  Temperature compensated springs, comes with hook only.  General purpose hanging scale widely used in grocery stores  Conforms to NIST Handbook Class III.  "Legal For Trade" subject to on site verification by local Weights and Measures jurisdictions. [Read More ....]
Chatillon Iron Clad 130 Hang Scale
Chatillon Iron Clad 130 Hang Scale
Capacity: 100lb
Readability: 1lb


  • Pounds
Chatillon's Iron Clad 130 features 100 pounds maximum weighing capacity with 1 pound graduations.  Chatillon Heavy-duty mechanical hanging scales can be used in warehouse environments or by outdoor sportsmen using Iron Clad scales to weigh fish or game.

Iron Clad Series linear scales are designed for severe applications making them ideal for shipboard applications, warehouses, receiving docks or any application where harsh environmental conditions are present.  Our Iron C [Read More ....]
Chatillon IN2 Hanging Scale
Chatillon IN2 Hanging Scale
Capacity: 2lb
Readability: 0.5oz


  • Pounds
  • KiloGrams
Chatillon IN2 instrument scales are small mechanical hanging scales used by fisherman to weigh the fish they catch.  IN-2 fishing scales have a maximum capacity of 2 pounds and increment 0.5 ounces. Small maximum capacity IN series fish scales offer the most precise readabilities in the series, but sacrifice high weighing capacities.  We recommend this freshwater fishing scale to anglers fishing for trout or pan fish. [Read More ....]
Chatillon WT12-500 Dynamometer
Chatillon WT12-500 Dynamometer
Capacity: 500lb
Readability: 2lb


  • Pounds
WT12-500 dynamometers feature dial face showing units in pounds only and offers 500 pounds maximum weighing capacity in 2 pound increments.  WT12 Series dial dynamometers from Chatillon may be used as weighing tensiometers or crane scales.  This precision weighing instrument features a large 12-inch (305 mm) dial face with shatter-resistant dial cover in a strong aluminum housing.

A manually engaged clutch freezes the pointer at is maximum reading for exact reading of peak [Read More ....]
Chatillon 806H
Chatillon 806H
Capacity: 6kg
Readability: 10g


  • Grams
  • KiloGrams
Extremely reliable mechanical scale are engineered for absolute precision and lasting reliability.  Constructed with machined stainless steel pinion and phosphor bronze rack combination for low friction performance at elevated temperatures.  Two brass dashpots eliminate pointer oscillation.  Features single dial 9-inch glass covered with chrome-plated steel housing that reaches capacity in three pointer revolutions.  Runners are indexe [Read More ....]
Chatillon BD200 Farm Stand Scale
Chatillon BD200 Farm Stand Scale
Capacity: 200lb
Readability: 0.5lb


  • Pounds
BD Series hanging scales are designed for weighing large or small loads up to 200 lbs.  Ideal for agriculture, warehouses, workshops or the home.  Hanging scales are constructed with a heavy, protective cast-iron runner and housing with large, easy-to-read 7-inch dial. Dials have large, blod black numbers and graduations.  Mechanical Dial Scales achieve full capacity in one revolution.

Chatillon hanging scales feature a convenient zero adjustment screw.  Farm Scale [Read More ....]
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